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If you need more business from your website we can help. If you are a local business targeting the Wrexham area or a national company we can help you get more targeted traffic to your website.

We cover all search marketing services which include search engine optimisation (SEO), Paid search and display management, and social media advertising and retargeting. We will help you generate more sales and enquires from your website and content.

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What is SEO and how do we use it to help your business

SEO stands for search engine optimisation which is the process of making your website appealing to the major search engines such as Google and Bing. In order to make your website rank high in the search engines we need to ensure that your content is of high quality and is comprehensive on your products or services. We always focus on good content rather than quantity. If it is good for your visitors and provides them with the answer to their search, it will be good for the search engines.

We offer keyword research and competitor analysis, we than analyse your website, and suggest missing area of content. We research your niche and find all the relevant questions people are searching for. We then work with you to develop content to answer these.

We also analyse competitors onsite and offsite profiles and come up with a plan that incorporates the best bits and find high quality website that do not link to them. We will develop a content strategy that complements your website and builds it authority in the eyes of search engines and users online.

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