Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation or SEO are techniques used to achieve high rankings in organic search engine results for a range of relevant search terms. Before we start any seo campaign for our clients we work with the client to identify the best keywords relevent to their customers. SEO can be split into two main areas; Onsite optimisation: which is all about improving the coding of your website so it is search engine friendly. This includes: Title tag optimisation, Meta Data, Content development, Keyword density & proximity, search engine friendly URLs, Headings, H!, H" etc, Image optimisation and Anchor tag optimisation. Off site optimisation: this is vitally important if you want to get your website ranking for medium or competative keyword search terms. This includes: building relevant incoming links with the correct link text from a veriety of sources incluing blogs, relevent websites, directories, forums, articles and online press release. The above needs to be done in a progresive organic manor in order to avoid and search engine penalties.

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    Paid Search Management (PPC)

    A well managed pay per click advertising campaign will produce excellent returns of both brand awareness and sales or lead generation. A ppc campaign will provide you with targeted traffic to your website and allows you full control over your budget. Our sevice includes; Keyword research and analysis, Competitor analysis, Creation of adverts and adcopy, Ongoing account management, Full conversion reporting and ongoing bid management. See how much business we can get You.

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    Email Marketing

    The Whether you are new to email marketing or an expert you will find our email marketing software very powerful and easy to use. Our software offers many advanced features including; In-depth statistics to measure your ROI, Split testing to enable you to further increase your ROI, and many profesional built in email templates for you to use. The email software is totally web based and no downloads or software is needed, and with prices starting from only £15 per month it is a very affordable solution.

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    Social Media Optimisation

    The term Social Media Optimisation can be compared to search engine optimisation in that good tactics can drive large amounts of people to a website. Using social media in conjuction with a good seo campign can produce great results for your online marketing campaigns. Social media can be considered anything that helps build up a community around your products or services which can include Facebook, Digg, Twitter and many more. These websites can now be used as places to put out your marketing message.

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    Affiliate Marketing

    We are experts in affiliate marketing and have over 50 websites producing sales for many multinational companies around the world. Sales are driven using search engine optimisation in order to produce sales. We say if any internet marketing company cannot demostrate how they make money using the internet, then how can you advise you on how to do it. For more information on how we can help you please contact us.


Web Design

We build professional, sleek and modern web pages that are fully functional



Keep your search engine ranking at the top with our in-house SEO experts



Get your products noticed in the market with well executed branding designs and methods



Get email marketing to provide your clients with timely product updates and news


UX/UI Design

Have the best website and app interface layout that stands out from the rest


Web Analytics

Easy analytics provides you with easy to interpret data to track your site progress


Social Media

Reach out to more customers through the use of popular social media sites



Market your products effectively using the best methods and techniques

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Internet Marketing

If you have a website then internet marketing will be vital to the success of your business. We are an internet marketing company based in Cardiff, but providing internet marketing services to customers from around the world. We do not just provide these services for other companies, but actively use these services in house to produce revenue and sales. Cardiff

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Search engine optimisation (seo)

We offer bespoke seo solutions that will work in the best way for your company. We will analyse your market place and competition in order to provide you with a tailored solution to your online marketing needs and goals. We have three main levels of SEO packages: Local Business SEO National Business SEO Global Business SEO For full details of our seo packages please see our seo packages

Affiliate Marketing

We use affiliate marketing to promote other companies products and services and share in the sales produced receiving a percentage of all sales we produce. We will look at any companies proposals, but we reserve the right refuse the marketing of certain products and services. We believe that if any internet marketing company does not make money themselves using the internet, how can they advise other companies to do so.